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May 29, 2003

Been working hard on this booger. I am have working on a comment application that you see where it gives the date a post was made "comment(0)" The "(0)" means no one has made a comment yet. I tried customizing my own comment screen but it is not working properly the last time I checked it.

I added a neat place for visitors to vote on my blog right above the Phoenix weather box. The further to the right you click the better the vote. Vote!!! You people from Palm Beach County can email me and I will give you personalized detailed instructions..

And I have added a counter at the bottom of the page that is displayed on little airplane hats. Different..

With all this I haven't had time to surf much or to read the latest news around the web. Did find this great picture though. I love quirky signs..

Dogs that can read.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 5/29/2003 07:26:00 PM    |

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