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June 13, 2003

The existence of WMD: everyone prior to the war agreed that they existed in Iraq. France, Germany, the Clinton administration, etc. all agreed that Iraq had weapons and a weapons program. If Iraq did not have them, why did the UN pass a resolution 15-0 demanding that Iraq disarm? Why did the UN send inspection teams, not to find the weapons, but to verify that Iraq was destroying weapons that everyone knew that they had? Why was Iraq acting like they were hiding something?

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It was not only the US intelligence agencies saying that Iraq had WMD.

The liberal media and the Democrats are trying to fog up this pseudo-issue. The issue is not whether Iraq had weapons, but where did they go. There is no question that Iraq had them.

Why WMD haven't been found? 1. They have been destroyed. 2. They have been dispersed to other countries. 3. They have been hidden. 4. All the above.

I personally favor #3. The Iraqis have been very good at hiding weapons previously. It is easy to hide things - bulldoze a hole large enough for a semi-trailer in the desert, drive the trailer into the hole, and cover it. A one day job. 40,000 lbs of chemicals hidden. That trailer will never be found unless those who did it left a paper trail or will tell where it is. Same thing could be done with equipment.

Saddam Hussein needed chemical and biological weapons because he knew that his military was not a match for any modern army. That is why he held on to them and why he was willing to risk going to war with the US to keep them. Iraq has/had WMD.

Another interesting thing is - what if the US forces have already found the WMD stockpiles and are keeping it secret until closer to the election? The Democrats are gambling that the WMD have and will not be found and are using the fact that nothing has been found as a really big factor in their campaigns. This whole pseudo-issue could very well backfire on them. Bigtime.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 6/13/2003 10:02:00 AM    |

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