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June 15, 2003

Father's Day

What do you want for Father's Day? The question isn't in the same league as 'Do you want to be hung or shot?' but for someone not facing that particular situation it is almost as bad. Do I 'need' anything for Father's Day? The little pleasure I will get denying some mega-corporation that has spent untold millions on ads that inject a little bit of guilt into the back of everyone's mind another Father's Day sale will be enough, thank you. But, of course, that little pleasure I selfishly get is not without consequences. If I do not 'need' something that someone produces then that thing will not be produced. Because it is not produced someone will be denied the opportunity to work and earn an honest day's wages and their child will go to bed hungry tonight. In that case, I 'need' a new cordless electric drill. Don't wrap it. Our landfills are full of torn and crumpled gift wrap. Let the gift wrap factory and the landfill workers' children go hungry tonight. I can't be responsible for feeding everyone can I? I am just a dad.

Dad TShirt

For me personally, a nice call from my daughter who is far away but always close to my heart is a nice Father's Day gift.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 6/15/2003 10:00:00 AM    |

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