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June 30, 2003


I wonder if those applauding the recent Supreme Court decision to expand the meaning of the right to privacy will support efforts in California to protect another small piece of individual privacy? Probably not. It doesn't fit in with their political agendas. If the sodomy-for-everyone crowd can use personal privacy as a reason strike down silly laws in Texas then why can't the who-wants-to-know-what-race-I-am crowd use privacy to eliminate a silly requirement on most government applications?

Looking at who is lined up against this California initiative and the reasons they give for their opposition makes me wonder if the definition of racism has changed while I was asleep. I always thought that the KKK and the like were the only ones who favored making laws and governmental rules and regulations that were race-based. These organizations that are against the initiative are almost always against police using racial profiling as well but always favor using racial profiling in other situations when it benefits them.

College admissions policies seem to resemble, in a way, the white and 'colored' drinking fountains I saw as a kid. I secretly drank out of the 'forbidden' one once just to see if it was different or if I would die or someone would pop out of the bushes and arrest me. The fountains were like that to make someone feel good and not for any practical purpose.

I have, for years, been checking race boxes on applications randomly as a protest of the racial profiling stupidity. Is it really necessary for me to declare a race on an application for a mortgage? Does that tell the lender whether or not am I credit-worthy? I hope not. It is none of the bank's business what race I am. It doesn't matter and I don't really know anyway. Do you?

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 6/30/2003 10:58:00 AM    |

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