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June 14, 2003

Still in Saigon

I ran across the words to this song today. It was sung by the Charlie Daniels Band. When I read things like this I think of my buddy Al. Al was the Best Man (by far) at my wedding. I remember hearing Al, a Vietnam vet, crying and yelling in his sleep almost nightly in the little house where we lived with 4 other guys during college. I have lost track of him through the years and hope he and Janet are doing well. I was lucky. I got out of Marine Corps right before they stopped asking for volunteers to go over there to kill and be killed. Yes, people did, believe it or not, volunteer to go to Vietnam. The words 'gung-ho', brave, and courageous never applied to me. Brave and courageous certainly applied to Al.

Still In Saigon As Performed by the Charlie Daniels Band (1981) Got on a plane in 'Frisco and got off in Vietnam I walked into a different world, the past forever gone I could've gone to Canada or I could have stayed in school But I was brought up differently -- I couldn't break the rules Thirteen months and fifteen days -- the last ones were the worst One minute I kneel down and pray and the next I stand and cure No place to run to where I did not feel that war When I got home I stayed alone and checked behind each door 'Cause I'm... CHORUS: Still in Saigon, Still in Saigon I am still in Saigon In my mind The ground at home was covered in snow and I was covered with sweat My younger brother calls me a killer and my daddy calls me a vet Everybody says I'm someone else, that I'm sick and there's no cure Damned if I know who I am -- there was only one place I was sure When I was... CHORUS Every summer when it rains, I smell the jungle, I hear the flames I can't tell no one -- I feel ashamed Afraid someday I'll go insane That's been ten long years ago and time has gone on by But now and then I catch myself, eyes searching through the sky All the sounds from long ago will be forever in my head Mingled with the wounded cries and the silence of the dead. 'Cause I'm... CHORUS
- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 6/14/2003 10:55:00 AM    |

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