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June 18, 2003

A Very Expensive Cartoon

The Bushenstein cartoon playing to packed crowds of admiring Democrats and bemused and angry Republicans at the DNC website must have cost a nice hunk of change. I wonder if those 10 black employees that the DNC recently fired were fired because the DNC spent so much money on this childish cartoon that they could no longer afford to pay them. Probably not, but it makes you wonder further about the management team over at the DNC. This cartoon will probably help pull the Homer Simpson crowd over into the Democratic column in time for the next election.

There are have been some guffaws about the cartoon. There are even some people asserting the cartoon is racist.

"I see two white males, one white female, one Hispanic male, and one African-American male being used to make "the perfect Supreme Court justice, a right-wing extremist the likes of which have never been seen before." And what parts of which does the DNC use? The vision and brains of the white males, the teeth of the white female, the sneakiness of the Hispanic male and the arms of the African-American male. Isn't this extremely racist and sexist? And don't let them say they're trying to depict what goes on in Bush's mind. No Republican wrote that garbage. Bush is actively supporting women, Hispanics and African-Americans based on their conservative principles. This trash comes from the same party that recently tried to fire about 10 African-Americans so that their party could be more competitive in future races, and that refused to give sufficient support to Carl McCall's candidacy for New York governor. I think the ad is an outrage, and should be considered a scandal. " a reader, Opinion Page - Best of the Web for Wed, June 18, 2003

I do not agree with all that. It is silly, not racist. It would be racist if the Republicans were showing the cartoon.

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- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 6/18/2003 05:12:00 PM    |

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