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July 30, 2003

Blogging the day away

Just because there is nothing of substance post here lately doesn't mean I haven't been blogging the night away. I have been making my presence known on other blogs. My blog motto: If you have an opinion, stick it in their ear. Blogging here is pretty much a one way conversation because so few people comment. The number of visitors I am getting however is steadily increasing. I get excited every time the counter passes another 100 mark. Some major blogs get 1,000s of visitors a DAY. Those are the ones I have been blogging. On their blogs I can get some solid feedback about what is going into their ear. Most of the major bloggers like CalPundit, Electrolite, Mark Kleiman, etc are liberals. Their popularity stems from the fact that they write very well and most good writers tend to be liberal. They have slick, well-written answers and comments for and about everything worthwhile going on in the world. To go and post some conservative comments is like sticking one's head out of the top of a foxhole. The enemy sees you and opens fire. I could care less if I am personally attacked. The attacker does know me or anything about me. They make assumptions and use standard liberal stereotypes for conservatives to label me and try to dismiss what I am writing. Some take on what I have written and make some pretty intelligent comments about it. They are in the minority. I make factual errors and logical errors and am glad to hear about those. I have no problem with admitting that I am wrong. Reading these big time liberal blogs for very long will make you depressed. It seems that they revel in the negative. They nitpick things to death. They also are all vain. They seem to want other major bloggers to quote them or compliment them. Most of their writing, while very good to excellent, seems to cry out for attention from some of their professors from long ago.
- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 7/30/2003 11:01:00 PM    |

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