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July 10, 2003

Financial Times that Trouble Men's Souls

We banked in Kansas with a great bank, Capitol Federal Savings for 30 plus years. Cap Fed, although a big bank, gave us just about perfect service for those 30 years. We continued using Cap Fed for the last 5 years that we have lived in Arizona. With automatic withdrawals and all the other electronic marvels that we enjoy it wasn't much of a hassle. A bank conglomerate here, Bank One, had an offer for free checking that caused me to change from Cap Fed. It has been an endless trial to get all the automatic withdrawals and deposits changed over. I am almost finished. Never again.

The last change-over was my wife's automatic payroll deposit. I sent the forms in 3 weeks ago and her payroll department has done nothing. My wife went down to her payroll office to inquire about it. They were "holding" our request. Apparently, I sent them a voided "unofficial" check. The bank gave me a book of ten checks without our name and address on them when I opened the account. Payroll was calling these "unofficial" checks. I was voiding these babies instead one of my "official" checks and sending them to companies that needed a voided check from my bank. Many companies now accept bank routing numbers and account numbers on the internet and do not need a voided check. Well, the payroll lady told my wife she needed an "official" check in order to process the request. I went bonkers. We gave payroll a signed form with our name, routing number, and account number on it with the voided "unofficial" check that any fool could use to verify that the routing number and account number matched. The lady insisted. Did I mention that my wife works for the State of Arizona? My wife called several people high up in the administration area who said they would get back to her. They didn't. She called again. Again, they said they would get back to her. They didn't. She finally called the director of the department (she works for a department director and worked in the governor's office so she knows how to get through to these people). The director got right on it and someone called her back finally in about 5 minutes. They said that they needed an "official" check, one with our name and address on it, in order to "protect" us and the bank. Give-me-a-f'ing-break!! Having a name and address on a check is meaningless. The routing and account number are what count. Everyone from Discover to other banks have accepted those "unofficial" checks. Where did the payroll department think we got those checks? Wal-Mart? Besides it was my wife's paycheck we were depositing. Would we deposit her check in someone else's account? Our government in action. I should take them to court for ... got any ideas for a cause? Stupidity is not illegal.

Electronic banking is cool. I see people writing checks in the market all the time. Mostly females for some reason. Why do they do that? I charge everything to Discover and pay it off each month so I do not pay interest. I get 1% back off each one of my purchases. It amounts to a nice piece of change each year. All my payments and deposits are automatically handled electronically. I write about 20 checks a year. It is unusual for me write a check for anything. Each day all my banking information downloads into Microsoft Money. Money keeps track of all my bills and deposits without me having to enter everything by hand. All my other financial accounts are handled the same way. I can go to Money right now and look at a cash flow forecast for the next month or what we spent the past month. It is really handy. Money is one of the reasons why I switched banks. Cap Fed doesn't download data and its website is sooooo 1999ish.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 7/10/2003 03:11:00 PM    |

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