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July 17, 2003

Keep Our Tax Cuts. Tax Internet Access Instead!!!

Politics is strange. Every Democrat is for repealing the recent tax cuts. Repealing the tax cuts is the same thing as raising taxes on everyone who pays taxes. The Some Democrats justify raising taxes by saying the money is needed to provide universal heathcare benefits. If they framed their proposal like this: we want to raise your taxes to provide increased healthcare benefits they would get almost no support for the idea. They say instead we want to repeal the tax cut for the richest 5% to so we can fund healthcare for everyone. For them it is not what you say but how you say it. Anybody with healthcare coverage now should be absolutely terrified of any Democratic attempts to tinker with the system.

Then a good revenue idea comes along that would tax internet users by not renewing a ban on taxes on internet access. Broadband users would see their monthly bills go up $5-10 a month. Why not do that? It would help support increasing healthcare benefits wouldn't it just as much as a repeal of the tax cuts would? And who are broadband users? They probably are the evil richest 5% !!! Everyone "knows" that the poor do not have computers let alone broadband access. We cannot not let the rich keep that $5-$10 a month while people are dying in the streets because they cannot afford healthcare!! That is so unfair!! Democrats should support every effort to not only continue the ban but to increase these taxes in order to fund one more massive backbreaking entitlement. I would love to see all the Democratic candidates support taxing internet accesss. This is their kind of issue. I know all the Democratic bloggers would probably even kick in a little extra if it meant some doctor would get an extra $10 in his check from the government each month. If any of the computer oriented Democratic candidates supported an internet access tax their computers would have to be shut down after the huge deluge of emails from angry taxpayers hit their systems.

I predict the ban will be either made permanent or extended another couple of years so some other congress will have to deal with it again. The extension looks like a political no-brainer to me. Don't look for a courageous Democratic candidate to support the ban on taxing internet access either. They have their computer systems to protect.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 7/17/2003 02:43:00 PM    |

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