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July 20, 2003

Kobe and Bill

Kobe Bryant, I am sure would like to have me on his jury. I'd almost vote to acquit right now without any further evidence. I agree with attorney Roy Black in that any young woman who goes to a young man's hotel at midnight does so with a certain expectation in mind. If she willingly goes without considering the various possibilities as to what is going to happen or what might happen, she is dumb beyond description. Once the hotel room door closes behind her any cries of "rape" become an extreme believability problem for her in the he-said-she-said battle in the court room. Unless he pulled her into the room or tricked her somehow into stepping into the room then raping her, her credibility stayed out in the hall no matter if she is a former cheer leader and the sweetest, nicest young lady in Eagle, CO. She probably is all those things. If she went knowingly and willingly into that hotel room, no jury would side with the her unless there are other provable fact involved we are not aware of yet. Paula Jones had the same problem when she charged the Governor Clinton with sexually related improprieties. Many people did not believe her either. The Clinton-Jones episode was a slightly different set of circumstances than exist with Kobe and the young concierge who was off duty. Clinton was Governor and Jones was a lowly state employee who was told that the governor would like to meet her. Kobe and his wife called it a mistake of adultery and Clinton and his wife called it a vast right wing conspiracy.

There is another dumb person in this story, Kobe himself. He has already admitted to making a mistake. Fine. He should know, he should have been counseled 1000s of times to stay away from starry-eyed young women like this that are not his wife. Like President Clinton, Kobe made a stupid personal decision for some momentary pleasure that will cost him dearly if he is convicted. What could have gone wrong went wrong. Even if he was 24 years old he should have been aware of that possibility and all that he could lose by getting caught doing it or worst. If he were charged with stupidity as well as rape I would vote to convict him of that charge. Clinton was also guilty of being stupid.

Kobe is black. The young lady is white. For most black men in a rural county that is 75% white this might be a problem. Eagle, CO is no ordinary rural white county. The average price of a home there is over $300,000. Of course, the ink is barely dry on Bryant's indictment and references to race start playing a part in this case. A lawyer, Roy Black, who successfully defended one of the Kennedy boys from a rape charge might as well have called everyone in Eagle, CO a racist when he said the trial should be moved to an urban area where the jury would be more diverse. He also, in all fairness, also said the trial should be moved because everyone in town knows the young lady and her family. That sounds more reasonable than saying that Kobe could not get a fair trial in Eagle because he is black. Eagle is not in Mississippi in the 1940s. I hope Kobe's lawyers do not play the race card in order to try to win this case. He does not need it in my view. It may backfire on them if they do. OJ Simpson desperately needed the race card in his trial because his attorneys could not effectively argue the facts because they all overwhelmingly identified him as the murderer.

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"She's not trying to drag him through the dirt." says accusers friend. Unless there some dirt in jail.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 7/20/2003 09:17:00 PM    |

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