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July 24, 2003


Nixon Bowling

This is sad. There is actually a Lebowskifest. Only in America. It is held to honor the movie The Great Leboski by the remarkable Coen brothers. I saw this movie and although I didn't really like it all that much I thought it was funny in an off beat way. The Coens and I must share a that's funny gene because I smile all the way through their movies. The Nixon bowling picture is in Lebowski's living room in the movie.

Their brutal movie, Fargo, is absolutely hilarious and tremendously sad at the same time. I actually can quote lines from that movie. "Prowler needs a jump." "And it was such a beautiful day" "Who the hell are you?" It is the only movie I can do that with and I have only seen it maybe 4 times. It also had probably the most evil character I have ever seen in a movie. Yet I felt some sympathy for him. It is amazing how the Coens structure a movie scene and use dialog. Even if you watch it several times you will pick up something new each time you watch it. They load their movie scenes with interesting comments about life or people as well as advance the story line. The Coens also made Raising Arizona. It is a classic too. An actor, Steve Buscemi, was fantastic in this movie as Carl Showalter.

The main activities at the Lebowskifest (what a great name for a bunch of wackos getting together) are watching the movie, bowling, and recalling lines from the movie. The Lebowskifest will not lead to world peace or ending hunger in the world but what the heck, Dude, people who watch this movie more than once probably have low expectations for things like that happening any time soon anyway.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 7/24/2003 08:42:00 PM    |

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