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July 21, 2003

Letter from Iraq - Read it!

Everyone needs to read a Letter from Iraq. It is posted on the Winds of Change Blog. The letter presents an entirely different view about what is happening on the ground in Iraq than what you see on the nightly news or read about in the paper.

Keep in mind that the news media in this country has an agenda. It is, in my opinion, biased to the nth degree. Our media comes at us night after night with the worst of the worst about our country, its leaders and our troops in Iraq. As an extreme example one reporter actually reported with no facts or verification that our troops were torturing Iraqi children. I have been waiting for a firestorm of articles investigating this and there have been none. This tells me that it was a fabrication. Will the reporter be call on his shoddy lies and unsupported representations? I doubt it. He will be back at work tomorrow, writing more of them. As will the reporters from NBC, CBS, CNN, and ABC.

The truth about what is really happening in Iraq, good and bad, is available but you will not get it from our media. Read Letter from Iraq.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 7/21/2003 08:51:00 PM    |

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