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July 06, 2003



Estonians outclass Finns in wife-carrying races. It is even a sport here in the US!!! You can actually sign up here. (Our US wife-carriers beat the Canadians who had to carry polar bears instead of women this year.) There is a 15 sec penalty if a contestant drops his wife during the race so that might take a little fun out of it for some people. The Estonians award the winner with his wife's weight in mineral water. The Finns awarded their winners with their wife's weight in beer. I would think the Finnish idea of a prize is more popular in the wife-carrying world. The Estonians won for the 5th straight year. The Finns are now considered the Boston Red Sox of wife-carrying and are plotting revenge.

The course is 278-yard oval track that includes a water trough and two hurdles of wooden logs. The Estonians came up with the revolutionary upside-down back carry that has supplanted the traditional piggy-back carry. There is also the fireman's carry that leaves the man/woman team a little top heavy. So far there have not been any reports of corked wives. Are some of these people getting carried away with this?

In order for our country to be politically correct hubby-carrying races should be next. Then life partner-carrying races. Of course, women in two income families, could always say that they already have been carrying their husband for years.

Wife-carrying has one of nicest, happiest rule for any sport I have ever seen: Every participant must have fun. All sports should adopt that rule and enforce it with an iron fist.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 7/06/2003 11:56:00 AM    |

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