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August 21, 2003

Al Franken is a big fat unfunny scumbag

Al Franken, the liberal community's big hero for illegally infringing on someone's trademark, set a new scumbag low for investigative journalism. He deliberately used the letterhead from Harvard's University's Shorenstein Center for Press and Politics at the Kennedy School of Government without persmission (He is Al Franken and Al Franken doesn't have to ask persmission.) to send letters asking various people in public life about their sex lives while posing as Al Franken, serious researcher. The school was not pleased. The letter claimed that other individuals had sent in responses to his request. This, of course, was totally untrue.

The liberal community is probably vigorously slapping their thigh and saying "That Al, isn't he funnnnny!" Al Franken sent an abject, groveling letters of apology to everyone involved. He then tries to whitewash his scurrilous behavior by daintily calling it an "imprudent attempt at satire" at the same time releasing the letters to the media in order to get maximum media coverage for his supposedly funny below the belt slap at the Attorney General of the United States. Al tries to cover up his mean-spirited smear with the worn-out it is just satire excuse again. It is obvious what Franken had in mind when he sent the letter to Attorney General Ashcroft, who is a minister, then released the contents. Satire? Hardly. This man is sick.

Does Al Franken had any idea what the word "tarnishment" means? He is about to find out.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 8/21/2003 11:10:00 AM    |

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