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August 02, 2003

Can I See Your ID, Please?

Bob Snow is lucky. If Eddie's had been raided while we were in high school this could be Bob's story. Bob was the youngest and maybe the smartest member of my high school class. In our state at the time a person could get a drink over the bar at age 18. Bob was not 18. He might not have been 17. He looked like he was 15 actually. I was 18. And I was a teetotaler so I lent Bob my photo ID when we all went out for over 18 fun on cold Friday and Saturday nights. The busty barmaids at Eddie's could have cared less whether Bob's ID was valid or not and let him drink and dance the night away. Besides it was dark in the there and the barmaids probably wouldn't have even noticed the oblivous descrepancies. The only light was from beer signs on the walls. Bob was short and I am tall. Bob had nice black hair and I had brown hair (then). Bob was good looking and I wasn't. Careful use of a flashlight by cops would have outted Bob in 3 seconds.

We lived in a small town and there wasn't much else to do but go dancing at Eddie's or get some pizza at Oscar's. (I would have been a perfect designated driver if I had a car and knew how to drive. Poor is not owning a car. My family was poor.) If we had a lawsuit happy society then like we do today Bob would have been sued by Eddie's if the cops would have raided the place and closed them down for selling cold Molsons to underaged Bob. Then Bob wouldn't have made it into Harvard and would be now thinking about retiring after working 40 years at the meat tray plant. But the cops wouldn't have raided Eddie's because they were too busy busting up fights at the French-Canadian hangout downtown. Thank God for drunk French-Canadians. Eh, Bob?

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 8/02/2003 09:47:00 PM    |

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