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August 04, 2003

Show me the ballot!!

Our beautiful state has come up with a great idea on how to improve voter turnout. They are going to take unclaimed lottery winnings and invest (this is a Democratic idea) them in more lottery tickets that they will give to voters for voting. This should encourage people to vote. It should encourage one segment of the population that usually votes Democratic anyway. The kicker is that if you vote more than once you can get another ticket. At least that is what the guy on the news said and they have never been wrong. Since our state reps voted down using voter-ID cards (driver's license or other picture id) to prevent voter fraud, this is a logical extension of that bad idea as I see it. Now, I plan on voting at least 10 times this next election to get those extra lottery tickets. I was only going to vote a couple of times: once for me and once for my neighbor who is out of town most of the time. What a country!!!
- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 8/04/2003 03:03:00 PM    |

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