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August 02, 2003

Thanks, Mr. President.

Want to know what your Advance Tax Credit status is? Go here.

The check mailing dates are:

For the first three weeks, the checks will be sent according to the last two digits of the taxpayer's social security number:

00-33 -- mailed July 25
34-66 -- mailed August 1
67-99 -- will be mailed August 8

Eligible taxpayers whose returns were not processed in time for these initial mailing dates will have their checks sent out after the IRS processes their returns.

Keep in mind if you are philosophically or ideologically opposed to the tax cuts please send your checks to a worthy cause - the Velociraptor's Golf Car Fund. Don't let getting your tax money back from the government compromise your tax cut hating principles. We are not burdened with such idealistic concerns and I badly need a golf car. We will spend your money on a nice car and help the economy grow. Everyone wins. Me, the golf car company, the economy, and you. That's a big Win-Win-Win-Win situation. And as an extra bonus, your endorsed check will buy you naming rights for the golf car and a lovely picture, suitable for framing, of the car without me in it.

Thanks Mr. President!!

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 8/02/2003 11:17:00 PM    |

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