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August 30, 2003

Who gets paid to sit around and think this stuff up.

One Hand Clapping has this:

"My wife is the director of a preschool and pre-Kindergarten run by a local United Methodist Church (not mine). Every year her school is inspected by the state's regulatory and licensing agencies. If the school does not pass the inspections, it can be closed by the state. There are a lot of different inspections at the school year's beginning. Please note that this is a private pre-school. Today she went shopping in preparation for an inspection coming up this week. It was for a doll. She told me that the state licensing agency requires that her school have three dolls of at least two different races. Of course the school may have more than three dolls, but it may not violate the "two races per three dolls" ratio."
Is this what Dr. Martin Luther King had in mind when he delivered the "I have a Dream" speech?
I have a dream that in every state government workers will go in and do a racial headcount on the dolls. I have a dream.
I seriously doubt it.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 8/30/2003 07:58:00 AM    |

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