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September 29, 2003

It is so funny

The news media finally found the Valerie Plame story and was dancing in the streets with the news that someone in the administration revealed the identify of a CIA covert agent.

Calpunidiot (Kevin Drum) was organizing a band to frogmarch administration officials, Karl Rove, particularly out of the White House now that the news media had found the story 2 months after columnist Robert Novack revealed that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA. Mark Kleiman was beside himself with joy at the attention the story was finally getting. Kleiman was predicting trials by July 2004.

People commenting on Drum's site were going nuts calling Bush a traitor, predicting Bush's impeachment and worse.

Peter Jung writes: "If Rove is behind this, he might well be declared guilty of treason. It is my dearest wish that he then be declared an "enemy combatant" and assigned to a wire cage at GITMO."

Squiddy was peeing all over himself: "We're witnessing a historic event. Inexorable and inevitable."

Maccabbee is still obsessed with BJs: "How does outing a US field operative in the field measure up to getting as blow job under the desk at the White House? Forget yellowcake. THIS is an impeachable offense."

JimBob also has ML on the mind: "Lewinsky (and before that, Whitewater) were nothing stories amplified by the Wurlitzer and used as an excuse by revenge-mad House Republicans. This is a huge story that the Wurlitzer will do its best to mitigate."

Drew (Calpudidiot) is laying odds. Any takers? "If I were a betting man I would take 3 to 1 odds on an indictment for exposing Plame as an undercover agent."

Kynn likes to drag ML into this discussion too: "However, it's possible that once the investigations get going, they may discover other things which George would rather not have us know about. Remember that the whole Lewinsky thing came out of Whitewater."

Chris Anderson is somewhat bitter: "At this point I don't care if they can prove Bush was involved in this. Just the mere fact that two of his close advisors were involved will smear him by implication. The veneer of "honesty and integrity" will be stripped from that fuckers face for all the world to see and hundreds of thousands of Americans who looked at Bush as a trustworthy leader will find themselve as disgusted as they ever were when they first heard the name Monica Lewinsky. How sweet it is."

All the bandwidth that this story has taken up on liberal blogs slicing and dicing everything and hopefully predicting a major scandal that would bring down the Bush White House is huge. Go to all the major liberal websites and read it for yourself. It is overwhelming. Now they are going to have to work overtime covering their tracks and backtracking now that the key piece of the story hit Drudge. All these smart people ignored the litchpin to the story as they blissfully went on with the dire predictions of arrests, imprisionment, and even death (for treason) for those who leaked Plame's name. No one, in authority or who was a principal in the story, in all the material I have read about this story ever said Plame was an UNDERCOVER or COVERT operative. If she is not then there is no story. Who cares if she is just an analyst?

Novak was quoted on Drudge on Mon Sep 29 2003 16:44:51 ET:

"According to a confidential source at the CIA, Mrs. Wilson was an analyst, not a spy, not a covert operator, and not in charge of undercover operatives."

We will look for the apologies, but we will not see them. We will see unrelenting attacks on Robert Novack. It is not Novack's fault. It is the pundit's for jumping to conclusions before all the facts are known.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 9/29/2003 07:08:00 PM    |

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