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October 29, 2003

The Democratic Debate

I watched the Democratic Debate that was held in Detroit on Sunday last night on PBS. PBS was showing it as a public service. The Democrats probably wish they hadn't. I watched to see if there was one of these people capable of leading this country. It was a sad showing. If Bush-bashing is the primary qualification for being president all of these people are highly qualified because that is about all I heard. They all were singing from the same hymnal as far as the poor job they think President Bush is doing. The Democrats called Bush nearly every name in the book -- "a miserable failure," an "abomination," a "gang leader" and a "bully." He was described as fiscally irresponsible and said to be deliberately misleading the country in the war on terror.

Dick Gephardt was pathetic. He even called the moderator by the wrong name. It looked like he was sick. Sharpton delivered all the laugh lines and got the biggest applause for his anti-Bush rants after which he smugly looked around as if to say "if all these people are cheering so hard why aren't I ahead in the polls? Note to Al: you are in Detroit and you have done some terrible things in your life that everyone knows about. Wesley Clark said some inane thing about voting for a friend instead of himself and losing a grade school election by one vote in the only election he has ever participated in as a candidate. Clark comes up with some good sound bites but really is Clinton-lite. Kerry acts like and sounds like a nutcase to me. He is trying to do what Gore was to smart not to do - ride on Clinton's coattails. Kuninch is a nutcase. I like Joe Lieberman. He comes across as a nice guy who understands the issues. He panders to his constituencies too much but he is just another politician. He is probably the one I would most likely vote for if someone were holding a gun to my head. Carol Mosely Brawn doesn't have the qualifications to be president but does a great job of articulating her positions and views. She only lied a couple of times whereas it seem that most of the others lied every time they opened their mouths. If voters do not understand the issues how can they tell when these people stretch the facts and downright lie. Edwards makes me sick. Dean is scary. He is ahead almost everywhere and looks like a smug cat that has swallowed the rat. He got very little applause from the audience. He seemed to be detached and out of touch or maybe he is always like that.

Using the well-worn Democratic tactic of creating a bogeyman, all the candidates threw out, with a sneer, the name of John Ashcroft like it was Hitler's. When the moderator pointed out the fact that the US Congress passed the Patriot Act and gave the Attorney General power in the law what did they expect him to do? They dodged the question by bashing AG Ashcroft some more. They refused to take responsibility for their votes just as they have on other issues. Leadership and integrity in action.

All of the candidates were for raising axes. The income gained from this, it seems, will be used to fund more entitlements benefiting the Democratic base.

It was a very sad showing for the Democratic Party. Watching the debate reinforces what others are saying: if a Democrat is elected president, the war on terror is over. We will pull the troops out of Iraq and Afganistan and let the Bathists and the Taliban win. We will sit back and hope no one attacks us again. If a Democrat is elected we will get a tax increase and more entitlement type programs that are almost bankrupting us now.

Dorothy Rabinowitz writes a piece called The 90-Minute Hate - Was that a Democratic debate or a Republican campaign ad? Dorothy probably can probably write 10 articles on the debate. She accurately describes Wesley Clark's performance and probably could have easily done the same with the others.

Andrew Sullivan neatly takes apart the debate here. Worth reading.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 10/29/2003 11:56:00 AM    |

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