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November 13, 2003


I am against pedestrian bridges. In 99% of the cases they are what I call Joey Smith Memorial Bridges built in response to some unfortunate little kid getting run over while crossing the street at the point the city eventually builds the bridge. No city official wants to tell a teary-eyed mom who just lost her son or daughter that the bridge is a total waste of money. The community of mothers with little kids rallies behind her at meetings saying "We must save the children. If just one child is saved it is worth a million bucks."

Just ask yourself: "Have you ever seen anyone using these bridges?" In Colorado, a truck took out one of these memorial bridges and guess what? No one was hurt! That is because exactly 4 people have probably used the bridge since 1979 and the likelihood of someone being on the bridge when it was hit was almost zero.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 11/13/2003 05:14:00 PM    |

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