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November 24, 2003

Who has been attacking the President for attacking the terrorists?

Well, try all the Democratic candidates for starters then add in every Democrat west of Bangor, Maine. The angry left wants to conveniently forget that the war in Iraq is part of the war on terrorism. The Democrats do not want include Iraq in this definition because they somehow irrationally have come to the conclusion that Saddam was a nice guy and was only killing his own people. New York Times reporter John Burns wrote about the night the bombing of Baghdad started:

"The initial response of the journalists on the roof of the Palestine Hotel was to leap and shout for joy. I had never seen this amongst journalists. I think our profession makes us inclined to non-partisanship. It certainly makes us cynical of good intentions in international affairs. But that night, I think most of us felt, 'Thank God. At last this terror is to be ended.'"
If Democrats attack the President's conduct of the war or for even invading Iraq in the first place, they are attacking the President for attacking the terrorists. It is clear.

Anti-war bloggers like Kleiman play dumb. "Who us?" some bloggers ask, then they go into the standard Democratic line about being accused of being unpatriotic because they oppose the war, the President, and the troops ( yes,the troops, I have started collection of blogging Democrats actually hoping for more casualties in Iraq in order to make Bush look bad). Making weak little statements about supporting the troops every other week to cover up what almost amounts to treason is hardly being patriotic. These people are so out of touch with main stream America it is laughable. They could care less about the war, terrorists, and the troops. A win in 2004 is all they care about.

If you follow the war closely you quickly realize that the group of thugs actively killing coalition forces, aid workers there to help Iraqis, and their fellow Iraqis are doing it for one reason. They have absolutely no way to prevail militarily or politically so they are trying to re-create a Somalia where if they kill enough Americans we will leave and let them take over. What is their barometer for success? Who are they depending on to help get us to withdraw? The American left and it is working - their cries for withdrawing from Iraq are getting louder and more out in the open. The American left, by loudly opposing the war and constantly denigrating President Bush, are giving these thugs in Iraq hope that eventually the left will get into power and withdraw our forces. The left is therefore giving aid and comfort to the enemy. It is shocking to read and get the impression that the left does not regard these thugs as the enemy but as freedom fighters, guerrillas, etc. There are ways to respectfully dissent that do not help the enemy and the American liberal left has chosen another path.

Bush's ad hits the nail on the head. You can tell from all the whining coming from the left about it.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 11/24/2003 09:09:00 PM    |

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