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February 20, 2004

John Kerry on PBS

PBS News Hour Show has become the John F Kerry Show. Last night was the umteenth segment they have had that either featured him or contained a significant amount of Kerry footage. First, last night, we had a segment of Senator Kerry making a campaign speech filled with what have become the same old, tired Bush Bashing memes. Then we had an "interview" of Senator Kerry by Gwen Ifill. Ms Ifill tossed up some soft balls for Senator Kerry to hit and he would swing wildly at them as he proceeded to give a short speech while not answering each one. By the time he finished talking I forgot what the question was. Every answer was "I fought for this.", "I fought for that", "I led the fight for this", "I led the fight for that.", and "I served in Vietnam.". The man is totally and utterly boring and definitely is trying too hard to sound tough with all this 'fight' and 'bring it on' veribage. Isn't it kind of strange for someone to try to act tough with his anti-war background? He supported the war in Iraq in the Senate and as a member of Senate Intelligence Committee who had access to the same intelligence as President Bush and now wants it both ways by acting like a tough guy and denouncing the war with a namby pamby lame excuse.

His being absolutely boring and the condesending tone of his voice had me reaching for the trusty remote on about the 3rd question. Senator Kerry must have attended the Condesending Voice School for the Rich and Powerful with Vice President Albert Gore. Senator Kerry seems to be using the same phrases and words Vice President Gore used so successfully when he was campaigning. Someone should alert the poor guy.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 2/20/2004 03:02:00 PM    |

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