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February 20, 2004

Sunday's Big Game

Senators Kerry and Edwards will appear together on ABC's ThisWeek Sunday news show. It would be hilarious to play a variation of the old college game of Hi Bob where participants would chug a glass of beer every time someone on the Bob Newhart Show said "Hi Bob".

So get the group together to watch the show and every time Senator Kerry or Edwards says The President, President Bush, Bush, or Flight Suit Boy drink one sip of your favorite adult beverage.

I will try to keep track of the number of times these two refuse to address the issues facing our country by engaging in non-stop Bush Bashing. This will be a hard assignment because I seem to doze off everytime Senator Kerry talks for more that 15 seconds.

If George Stephanopoulous happens to read this I have a suggestion for some questions:

Show some footage with sound of President Bush being wildly cheered by the sailors on the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln and ask the candidates if they think that the sailors thought that the President's visit was just a photo op or if he was welcoming them home after they risked their lives in service of their country and completing their mission in Iraq. Then ask Senator Kerry how he thinks servicemen and women felt when they returned to the US from Vietnam and watched your demonstrations on TV and listened to you accuse them of murdering innocent civilians. Ask him which is the best way to welcome home troops.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 2/20/2004 11:15:00 PM    |

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