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February 27, 2004

This woman actually earns money for this

Maureen Dowd is a 'columnist' for the New York Times. Her 'column', called "Stations of the Crass", is a ridiculous two pronged attack on both the Mel Gibson movie, "The Passion of the Christ" and, for some reason, President Bush ,who had nothing to do with the making of the movie. I guess she could not find enough bad things like this to write about the movie:

In "Braveheart" and "The Patriot," his other emotionally manipulative historical epics, you came out wanting to swing an ax into the skull of the nearest Englishman. Here, you want to kick in some Jewish and Roman teeth. And since the Romans have melted into history . .

Where does she get this kind of baloney? This is utterly stupid, especially from a New York Times columnist. Is there one theater goer who felt they had to murder an Englishman or Jew after viewing any of these movies? Of course not. This woman needs to be retired. When she stoops to using a movie review as a vehicle to gratuitously attack the President it is a signal she has lost whatever journalistic integrity she had before if she ever had any in the first place.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 2/27/2004 04:41:00 PM    |

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