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February 05, 2004

What a difference 12 years makes

"Certainly, those who went to Vietnam suffered greatly. I have argued for years, since I returned myself in 1969, that they do deserve special affection and gratitude for service. And, indeed, I think everything I have tried to do since then has been to fight for their rights and recognition. But while those who served are owed special recognition, that recognition should not come at the expense of others; nor does it require that others be victimized or criticized or said to have settled for a lesser standard. To divide our party or our country over this issue today, in 1992, simply does not do justice to what all of us went through during that tragic and turbulent time. "

- Sen. Kerry speaking on the Senate floor Feb. 27, 1992. The previous day, Sen. Bob Kerrey, a Vietnam veteran and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, spoke in Atlanta, where he criticized fellow candidate Bill Clinton for his lack of military service during Vietnam.

Senator John F. Kerry has brought up President Bush's service in the National Guard 31 years ago in his campaign. I guess he has changed his mind about dividing the country over Vietnam now the person in question in President Bush rather than President Clinton. We will see if any lefty blogger's finely tuned hypocrisy detectors pick up on this.

Read entire speech here in the WSJ Opinion Journal.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 2/05/2004 09:12:00 AM    |

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