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March 03, 2004

Actors who lie

Add Donal Logue to your list of actors who either lie or don't have a clue about politics. Mr Logue appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live and immediately begins energeticly touting Senator Kerry and joyfully bashing President Bush.

Logue says he is from Massachusetts. He is not. He is a Canadian. He went to Harvard which is in Massachusetts. If he admitted that he was a Canadian everyone would immediately discount every thing he had to say about Senator Kerry and President Bush.

Logue says Senator Kerry is Irish. He is not. Senator Kerry knowingly lied for years about being Irish.

Logue says Senator Kerry "took a bullet in Vietnam". He did not. Senator Kerry refuses to release his military records so we do not know the true origin or nature of his wounds.

Logue says President Bush skipped out on the Vietnam War and did "something" in the National Guard. President Bush served as a fighter pilot of F104as and was honorably discharged. Logue is just trying to dance around the slanderous lies of DNC Chairman McAuliffe and former candidate General Clark who accused, without evidence, the President of being AWOL and a deserter respectively.

Logue says President Bush is a moron. President Bush graduated from Yale and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. President Bush was twice elected Governor of Texas. Logue is just repeating like a puppet the standard Democratic line.

Logue mentioned that Gov Dukakis drove a tank around in a photo op and that Senator Kerry could do that and put President Bush in a bad light. Logue doesn't know that the tank was an M1 Abrams, which is now the main battle tank used by the Army, and that at one time Senator Kerry advocated against funding its development. Logue might advise Senator Kerry to stay out of that tank when photographers are around. Senator Kerry also voted against most of the major weapon systems in use today.

When the conversation somehow turns to Rosie O'Donnel, Kimmel mention that Logue was well on his way towards being depised by half of America the way Rosie is. Indeed.

Mr Logue should be ashamed about going on national TV and lying. Mr Logue made a total fool out of himself.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 3/03/2004 12:24:00 AM    |

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