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March 09, 2004

Dick Morris Analyizes President Bush's Attacks on Kerry's Flip Flops

Dick Morris, in an New York Post article HOW 'FLIP-FLOP' KILLS KERRY thinks President Bush is going after Senator Kerry's many significant flip-flops on major issues to keep him from moving towards the center later in the campaign. Remember President Reagan's withering "There you go again" in a debate with Jimmy Carter? Morris said President Clinton was so concious of being accused of changing positions that he actually changed a decision to keep from being accused of reversing his posiiton on welform reform.

Senator Kerry will be boxed into his liberal positions and will have no wiggle room to nuance his viewpoints the way he has in the past. Morris thinks that President Bush is setting Kerry up for the real message - that Senator Kerry is too weak and too liberal to be president. Morris says that if President Bush does it properly the campaign will be over by the end of spring.


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