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March 06, 2004


I just finished reading the article "Kerry Can Be Slow to Decide But Quick to Act" by Laura Blumerfeld in the Washington Post. I went through the well written article carefully looking for something that would cause me to vote for John Kerry for President of the United States instead of George Bush. Sorry, I found nothing. You read it. You decide. The story of how Kerry decided to vote on the October 2002 Senate vote in favor of a resolution authorizing President Bush's use of force in Iraq is telling. After protracted, almost tortuous deliberation and political calculation Kerry decided that a vote for the resolution would help him the most politically. Forget whether it would help the country or not. After voting for the resolution Kerry wound up on the other side of the issue by criticizing the President for doing what the resolution gave the President permission to do. Kerry did not have the guts to stand by his vote and support the President. He buckled and ran for cover after he was attacked in the primaries by Clark and Dean for voting for the war. The WaPo story tried to portray Kerry as being thoughtful and careful when making important decisions but wound up showing him taking forever to make a decision based on the wrong reasons. Then, showing absolutely no politcal courage, Kerry changes his mind when things did not go his way politically. Other important votes have shown the same pattern: at first votes for and later rails against or votes against and is now for it. Kerry said that he tried to imagine that he was president when he decided to vote to support the vote on the resolution to allow force in Iraq. If this tortured methodology is the way a President Kerry makes important decisions we will be in trouble. Do we want a president who makes a decision then if it turns out to be unpopular runs from it? You read. You decide.
- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 3/06/2004 10:10:00 PM    |

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