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March 07, 2004

Protesting the President's ads

The media sometimes refers to the protesters of President Bush's campaign ads by using the all-encompassing 'families of the victims of 9-11'. Technically this correct, but in another sense it is not. Some of the individuals who lost loved ones in the attacks on 9-11 have used the event to form and fund an anti-war group known as Peaceful Tomorrows whose main activity seems to be to attack President Bush. They are just using the 9-11 connection to further their political aims. This is the group that another extremist anti-Bush group MoveOn.org got to go in front of the media to protest the ads. The anti-war/anti-Bush people in Peaceful Tomorrows do not represent all 9-11 victims and they and the media will not tell you this. Update: The New York Post discusses the Peaceful Tomorrows group and reveals that it is funded, in part, by Teresa (pronounced Tear-ace-sah) Kerry and George Soros who fund foundations that fund the Tides Foundation that fund organizations like Peaceful Tomorrows. The Tides Foundation have or now support various extemist organizations using what the Post calls charitable money-laundering. Are we seeing the tip of a vast left-wing conspiracy aided and abetted by Senator Kerry's wife? Instapundit covers this subject too. quasi in rem has more about the Heinz and Tides Foundations. You can read about Tides Foundation activities here.
- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 3/07/2004 10:01:00 AM    |

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