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March 19, 2004

Tucson, we have problems

An area north of Tucson called Sabino Canyon, where my daughter and I went hiking a couple of years ago, has mountain lion problems. Sabino Canyon is a beautiful area in Coronado National Forest and has a lot of hikers and picnikers using it. A 3 or 4 mountain lions have been seen in the canyon and in the inhabited areas near the canyon. The park has been closed since March 9th.

There is a kerfuffle between the AZ conservation department, known as Game and Fish, and Governor Janet Napolitano. The governor wants Game and Fish to demonstrate that the lions have been stalking humans and is therefore a danger and to forget that the lions has been seen in a Middle School High parking lot and other populated areas. Maybe the governor and the complaining environmentalists should take a little hike down the canyon just to see for themselves if the lions exhibit stalking behavior. Mountain lions aren't usually a big problem but they will kill humans. Game and fish was going to shoot them but the governor got involved and now they are going to spend a ton of money to move them to a northern AZ wildlife facility. I hate to see any wild critter harmed because they are annoying humans, but mountain lions just don't annoy humans they kill and eat them. It is good that Game and Fish are moving the cats and hopefully they will find some people to donate money to pay for it.

- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 3/19/2004 08:37:00 AM    |

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