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May 12, 2004

We get a lesson on how to abuse a prisoner

After listening to all the caterwauling about "prisoner abuse" from our media and showboating politicans, we get a lesson from real monsters on how to really abuse prisoners. If we had beheaded prisoners on tape instead of undressing of people who killed or tried to kill Americans and innocent Iraqis in front of cameras there might be a reason to go off the deep end the way the politicans have. It is obvious that monsters got encouragement from those who were using the abuse story for political gain. We should have quietly investigated the prison abuse and punished those involved instead of using the issue for political purposes in public hearings. CBS, the rest of the media, and those politicans who used this issue have Nick Berg's blood on their hands.
- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 5/12/2004 07:17:00 AM    |

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