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May 10, 2004

Why people do not read the Arizona Republic Newspaper

This is the headline on their website:
Food stamp use grows in Arizona Food stamp use grew faster in Arizona since 2000 than in any other state. Officials say the increase reflects the state's rapid population growth coupled with a dismal economy and a sluggish job market.
and this is what they say in the article:
The growth in Arizona has stabilized in recent months. And much of it can be attributed to better efforts by the state to publicize the federal program, simplify the process and get eligible Arizonans to apply, officials said.
Apparently simplifying the application forms and eligibility requirements and the use federal money to put out the word about food stamps has had a positive result in increasing those getting food stamps. Arizona was ranked last in food stamp participation by eligible people. Less than 50% of those eligible were receiving stamps. Notice that there is no mention by the Republic of the effects of a "dismal" state economy or "sluggish" state job market. That is typical liberal Arizona Republic propaganda. Arizona's economy is just fine. State unemployment is at 4.8% which is well below the national rate of 5.7% and the state's economy is growing like gangbusters. Considering the lingering effects of 9-11 virtually shutting down the state's tourism-based economy for at least a year the state's economy is almost back to normal.
- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 5/10/2004 06:39:00 AM    |

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