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December 17, 2004

The Choice is Murder or large jars of Mayonaisse

I read this with absolute horror. Amy Richards murdered a set of twins because she did not want to buy large jars of mayonnaise then brags about it to a New York Times reporter. The reporter writes her story as if her story is something all women faced with giving birth to triplets should all admire and emulate. I am truly shocked and horrified. I feel hopeless. It is as if I live in Germany during the 1930s and just listened to one of my neighbors casually discuss killing a couple of cute Jewish twins at the local concentration camp. How can this woman look at herself in the mirror each day? We can only guess at the number of people who would have adopted those murdered twins. If what Amy Richards did represents "choice" then reversing Roe v Wade cannot come soon enough.
I looked at Peter and asked the doctor: ''Is it possible to get rid of one of them? Or two of them?'' The obstetrician wasn't an expert in selective reduction, but she knew that with a shot of potassium chloride you could eliminate one or more.
- posted by Mad Jayhawk and Seven @ 12/17/2004 05:47:00 PM    |

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